White Skirt Wednesday: Enchanted Islands


[Is it too soon to start counting backwards? It’s exactly three more months until Vienna Staatsoper will unpack their “Alcina” again (not this staging, though, which may be a good thing, if I am interested in my continued survival), once more with Marc Minkowski at the helm of Les Musiciens du Louve and a Greek-rooted soprano in the lead (this time, it’s the other one). – Today in “things that would likely have given me a heart attack had I seen them, so I guess I should be happy that I didn’t, but I’m not, really”: Myrtò Papatanasiu (Alcina) in Handel’s “Alcina” in the legendary Wieler/Morabito staging, Stuttgart 2011. – Photo Credit: A.T. Schaefer/Staatsoper Stuttgart]

There might a paid streaming option come October, though I doubt Vienna will schedule it for a revival where they only invested in the conductor and the lead — but I will keep an eye out and post any information.
Meanwhile, thadieu and I have a first set of tickets secured (it’s nearly all sold out already) and the reasonable shoes polished (though perhaps it should be flip-flops and a floating tire, for a tour to an enchanted island?) to join the standing room queue, with plans to see the entire run, if work permits (yes, that means you may have to suffer through more than one review).

15 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Enchanted Islands”

  1. The Zurich staging is back with Bartoli and Jarrousky in early January 2017. I feel a very necessary work trip coming on….


  2. Not live, but available now on Arte, a stupendous cast in Carmelites: Petibon, Piau, Gens, Koch, Plowright, Lehtipuu. Considerations of religion and the state, fraternité vs. the sisters, and the meaning of terrorism all apply, in a production contemporized by a few costumes.

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        1. we will find a cure for that +ft.3 reaction eventually! perhaps we simply need more profile shots? (or other shots)


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