Tank Top Tuesday: Boeotian Seaside Getaway


[The only appropriate reaction to another bout 30°C+ temperatures: How about an extended stay at the Boeotian seaside? And tank tops, of course. – Bo Skovus (Agamemnon) and Myrtò Papatanasiu (Iphigénie) in the Torsten Fischer staging of Gluck’s “Iphigénie en Aulide”, Vienna/TADW 2012. – Photo Credit: Armin Badel]

Actually, this post is owed to thadieu, who back in spring, when we both fell into Paris-shaped hole called “Mitridate”, went on a sleuthing spree and unearthed cast engagements of prior years, including this production and this photo (on a side note, in the 2014 Gluck “Iphigénie” double bill (Torsten Fischer again), Lenneke Ruiten sang Iphigénie – which is just as weird as Papatanasiu, Petibon and Ruiten all having done Konstanze at some point despite being such distinctively different voice types. Is that the Six Operatic Degrees Of Separation game? “Which parts do we have in common?” – I guess it beats “Which exes do we have in common?”, which is the lesbian version of the game).

Also, please note my restraint in not adding any Artemis innuendo this time. Despite the sanctum in Aulis. Merciful Xena, I am so tempted.

[Tank Top Tuesdays: (c) Dorothy Snarker]


20 thoughts on “Tank Top Tuesday: Boeotian Seaside Getaway”

  1. this reminds me to resurrect my scavenging for the radio broadcast… how shall i put it, i’m interested in her take in any new role, that’s something, i’m very sure it’s all voice related 😉


  2. ps- why is it weird for MP or Ruiten or PP to sing this role? (has Ruitan also sung Alcina?) i dont know this role at all in term of voice type), but since C.Bartoli and ACA both sang the other Inphigenie am guessing it might also fit MP’ voice? or is it too low for her? i have been listening on and off to Semiramide and have been thinking her voice really grows on me there.. though she was micced up for the recording ao not sure how she is heard in the hall. For Mitridate we actually get to hear how different (partially) this mic factor is.


    1. No, not weird at all vocally. It’s all well within range for each at them (though I do wonder how Papatanasiu would style the third Konstanze aria). I just meant it’s weird on a listening level, coming out of watching them in roles opposite each other that highlight their different sounds to the imagining them in the very same role.



      1. oh, i was asking about Gluck.. but i guess it might be applicable too for Konstanze.. i don’t know that role too well either (it’s really true i hardly listen to sopranos before this Feb! 😀 )


        1. the Gluck can accomodate a variety of sopranos (and those who run outside of the competition like ACA or Bartoli who cover a wider range), depending on the musical angle: more historically informed, or more romanticism-styled? The Iphigénie was written before the fach split of the later 19th century, so it really depends on the individual singer/conductor. The part is not *that* high (but of course it’s a counterpart to the lower and more dramatic Clytemnestre and it may be the Clinton nomination, but I am oddly attracted to Breedt’s power attitude on those set photos from TADW), and it usually gets cast with a lyrical voice, give or take.
          I’d class Ruiten as a lyrical coloratura, with a bit more heft and a more dramatic approach than Petibon, who I’d also call a lyrical coloratura (not really solely a coloratura soprano any longer) – whereas Papatanasiu to me is a lyric, with a bit more weight, and the ability to do some coloratura. Then again, that’s just my hearing, plus voices change across a career, and ideas about voices change eventually within a culture.

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    1. I think I’ll stick with Tank Top Tuesday instead of Top Hat Tuesday (it’s just that the pictures had accumulated, and, well…)

      (and apart from singers being attractive, each in their own way, there is also the fact that a tank top is simply a good look for a great many of people. Plus it’s very versatile.)
      (and then there’s the thing with shirtsleeves)
      (and ties, but I digress).

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      1. i’m stuck with an abstract and a report… but after this i’d like to produce a gif, which i already wanted to produce way back when first discussed this production but thought it might be 1 gif too many (and i only 2 more ideas since the last series, this one included..)


        1. please, dear abstract, let yourself be written quickly, for a gif to distract me a bit from my current paper-writing would be much appreciated (apart from the fact that those gifs are appreciated, period).


            1. It clearly fried the office system since the browser keeps freezing on the first frame. Probably better for my work morale… Will try again from home in a bit.



    1. okay, Geneva definitely has serve a purpose, then.
      (and yes, send me that data set when you get to it, I’ll try to get a hold of it from within Europe)


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