White Skirt Wednesday: La verità in camicia

[Though why would anyone be crying when there is Delphine Galou in a white shirt, singing Vivaldi? Other than due to being overwhelmed with sheer bliss, perhaps. – Delphine Galou (Damira) in Vivaldi’s “La verità in cimento”, Zurich 2015. – Clip with thanks to Gudrun74]

It took me the first more widely panned shot to realize that Galou is not singing one of the sons, but one of the mothers here – who cares, though, it’s ten shades of marvelous and marriage scheming and please head me a glass of that wine before I pass out for other reasons.

That shirt is so well-fitting that it should get Paris Points, though. That’s my new scale. The shirt is also similarly unbuttonable, as the second aria kindly uploaded by Gudrun74 proves (there’s also a third), and I am in a dilemma here as in that I do find the styling of the staging (by Jan Philipp Gloger) unduly objectifying here, and I protest that, but on the other hand, my brain has just shut off and is only capable of making weak *dzzz* noises from here on out since it has been thoroughly fried by the sight and sound of “Se l’acquisto”.

Note to self: go through Gundrun74’s channel again more often (though perhaps not at the office because I can kiss productivity for the rest of the day goodbye now).

14 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: La verità in camicia

  1. yes, go through Gudrun’s channel and revisit that Vorrei vendicarmi from St Gallen. Top WS action. Pity the sound is shit but life’s ungenerous like that sometimes.

    wow, Gudrun had an excellent spot for objectification on the second aria 😀 she might be skimpily attired but Damira seems quite in charge of her fate. I especially liked it when she broke the feather duster and ripped up the apron, filthy shackles of patriarchy 😉

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