Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone


[clearly missing her belt buckle (see below), or a proper stage: Anna Caterina Antonacci 2006, photographed for Grammophone, no. 05/2006, p. 20. – Photo Credit: Sheila Rock/Grammophone]

One of the local public library branches has been tossing – since the decade has passed – their entire 2006 volume of Grammophone in all its entitled glory (the magazine’s, not the libary’s).

So of course I scooped up what was still there of  the batch to revel in some music industry nostalgia, snicker at misprognoses and share some vintage goodies with the Eye Bags readership. And, perfectly on time for tomorrow’s even more vintage “Don Giovanni” event, out of the stack fell the May 2006 issue:

ACA_grrmphn 06cov.png

[Anna Caterina Antonacci 2006, i the role of ‘covergirl for Grammophone‘, no. 05/2006. – Photo Credit: Sheila Rock/Grammophone]

Though my favorite thing about this cover may be the “They shushed me!” headline. Not going to happen tomorrow night, since our own classical nightclub will deal with the very opposite — comments strongly encouraged.
Also, as Agathe reminded me last night I had forgotten to mention in the previous post: Champage advised! Or, to put it differently, “Bring some fizz to survive the frills”.

I put up the whole spread (p. 20-26) into a 300dpi pdf, in case anyone would like to do more preparatory research regarding tomorrow night’s episode of  Wigs’n’Frills. Or enjoy some more vintage Antonacci in a lengthy interview/portrait.

11 thoughts on “Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone”

    1. many thanks for scanning the interview Anik! what an insightful one to read, at least in English; she has given many in French over the years but to have one in depth like this is a treasure (for me).

      [“I still feel a bit uncomfortable in the recording studio. I don’t really think it’s my natural habitat but of course it’s always important to have some recordings. So Naïve approached me and I like them a lot: they’re well organised and with very good taste. When they said I could record whatever I wanted I said why not this [Era la notte]; it’s quite unusual and it’s me! It’s so exposed! I’ve nowhere to hide! and they accepted it.”]


  1. Cool interview, thanks for posting it. She’s right about developing the song recital concept and she has very good ideas in her solo shows especially.

    The more I think about it the more I am tempted by her Sancta Susanna.

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    1. Is she touring with that one at the moment?
      I find her the better the more she gets to do storytelling – some directors do not really accomodate her talents there.


      1. As per T she’s doing it in Paris (somewhere) in December, as a split program with your Latvian Fridge 😉 in… Cavalleria rusticana or something of that sort. I was saying to T that maybe the Fridge bails out and she gets to do both 😉 It would be good if she toured it! We’re getting her here next July but I think that is a regular show.


        1. Cavalleria, oh dear. Though I admit I would watch it for ACA, since would guarantee that it’s not smarmy verismo poses. – Who needs fridges in December, though?



        2. of course i forgot to mention i conveniently signed myself up for a conference on west coast 12-16 / Dec.. argh.. so i think if i can escape at all i’d be the first week of Dec, 3 + 6 (where MP is singing d.Anna on 5th). in case you’re considering could you jot these dates down so at least we might coincide? 🙂


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