Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone, II

AN_Grmmphn 11_06.png

[This is probably the only Netrebko photo I will ever post. It is possibly also the only time Netrebko has ever worn a white shirt. – My vintage Grammophone reading continues with issue 11/2006, p. 113 (for Renée Fleming without a white shirt, check below the cut]

I cannot quite decide what my favorite part of the November 2006 issue is – the slew of opinionated reviews, or the prognosis on the future of “the download revolution” (gasp!! – and including a tutorial on how to do it right!). Plus news on Renée Fleming on social media – “her myspace site has 1500 friends”.


The issue also features a lengthy portrait of Fleming (I know, I know, but for inexplicable reasons, they don’t interview Antonacci every month), which I upload specifically for towanda, though who knows who else might enjoy this? Also, I cannot preach inclusiveness to my students and not set a good example myself.
So here is a 300dpi scan of the full Fleming interview available for your reading pleasure via Dropbox. I need to work on my lyric soprano credit again, since I apparently relapsed (next thing you know, I’ll be posting Dame Kiri reviews).

9 thoughts on “Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone, II”

    1. So the Eye Bags crowd is officially old enough to remember MySpace… We will rename this place “Opera Cougars” before we even know it.



  1. Also, I love that dress she’s wearing in the photo facing the title page of the interview. She likes it too, I have um a few photos of her performing in it I’ve found. Although here her head looks oddly photoshopped on? I’ll see if I can post one at the Window for you.


    1. She seems to get photoshopped a lot – I am guessing everyone’s shots are, these days, but that angle is weird. Did they cut away too much?



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