Enchanted Island Saturday

Alcina Carsen rev14 MP.png

[No, I didn’t put a filter on this, the quality of the clip is that modest. But we shall simply give it a fancy Instagram Filter name and feel very artsy in our appreciation of another take of Myrtò Papatanasiu on Handel’s “Alcina” (and Anna Goryachova’s Ruggiero, who seems to be one very happy white shirt), this time in the old Robert Carsen staging for Palais Garnier, Paris 2014.]

Friendly uncasual reminder that it is exactly two more months until Papatanasiu will add another “Alcina” production revival to her belt – after Stuttgart/Wieler 2011 and Paris/Carsen 2014, it will be Vienna/Noble 2016. I am not suggesting Aix/Mitchell 2018 to continue the sequence (and Geneva/Boesch 2018 even less), but could someone give her a premiere production already?

From the Paris revival capped above, an excerpt of “Sì, cor mio”, is on Dailymotion – Christophe Rousset is conducting (though I don’t know whether it is Les Talens Lyriques or the Garnier band?).

I am really looking forward to Minkoswi revisiting his own take on the Vienna “Alcina”, and I am curious to hear how in this case the collaboration with the lead will turn out –  Minkowsi has worked with a slew of non-Early Music specialist in Baroque repertory with convincing results, and in this case, he will work with someone who has sung the part already twice (at least – not sure whether Papatanasiu had other outings with the role) with an historically informed approach. Don’t let us down, Staatsoper.

(Also, does that Ruggiero ever look Lady Greensleeves levels of delirious? I wonder what kind of Iced Tea they serve on Alcina Island – Soprano On The Rocks? (not that far off, according to Ariosto) The rest of the contestants clearly has passed out already, except for the two stuck-up tourists in the corner.)

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