Acres of Baroque Belcanto

Dear God this is just about perfect 2.png

Cancel everything, I obviously need to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On Sept 26th, to be precise.

Can I just squeal for a moment about how utterly PERFECT this lady casting is? (my office colleage is asking whether I am in need of medical assitance. Possibly, yes.)

Now for the small print – Christophe Rousset apparently has a little Baroque opera festival appointment in Acre, of all places – which is perfectly lovely, but not that easy to reach. I would need to get into a car for 33 hours and drive down through the Middle East, and I am not Annemarie Schwarzenbach. I don’t even have a car.
(Or I could get on a €400 flight to Tel Aviv, from which there is a direct 1h20min transfer by train to Acre, and, believe me, I am SO tempted. If I had a stable job and no semester about to start right then, I’d not be writing this post, I’d be booking tickets.)

Anyway, if you do love your “Alcina” and have, at all, any possibility to be in Acre on Sept. 26th and be the envy of my heart, get your €100 to €400 ticket now (and if you’re already at it, there’s Genaux in a Charpentier/Purcell double Bill including Dido on Sept. 25th), or get the whole €1500 travel package from Paris for “Meet in Galilee”.


9 thoughts on “Acres of Baroque Belcanto”

        1. The day companies consider it helpful publicity when a couple of dykes lose their marbles over their opera performances will be an interesting day for sure! (To be fair, though – Liège did just that)

          But, on a more serious note – in setting up this blog way back when I was thinking about whether to aim for more professional reviewing, or a space to foremost celebrate things performances that speak to me, I realized there was less of #2 around, especially for queer women, so I don’t think anyone will offer me free tickets to anything in this life. (I, on the other hand, will offer lots of unsolicited swooning)


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          1. or a space to foremost celebrate things performances that speak to me

            aside from being the more generous thing to do, there’s also more freedom in that. Lots of professional reviews are so boring if only due to space constrictions they make me cry.

            I was mostly joking but things can actually happen (with smaller opera companies). Also, as you know, sometimes established singers will champion your swoony review 😉

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