Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone, III








[Welcome to another Vintage Vibes edition! And since there is hardly anything better than starting your weekend with some mezzo lore (except for ‘some mezzo lore and coffee‘), how about some vintage Magdalena Kožená? – Check below for the full portrait, as well as for some Kirchschlager, Lott, Flagstad and Sutherland. – Kožená in portrait, Grammophone 09/06, p. 49]






[Song repertory and Rosenkavalier reminiscing: Angelika Kirchschlager  im Grammophone 09/06, p. 17]

…who came up with this photo caption? (and that is not the last time today I will be asking that particular question)











[reviewing duet recordings by female singers: could you tone the chauvinist sleazeballing down a notch? – Grammophone 09/06, p. 97]

Ah, 2006. When Jaroussky was still promoted as “news”. And then I got distracted by that Sutherland photo I honestly had never seen before (Grammophone 09/06, p. 63):




…and who came up with this photo caption?!



If there ever was a tagline relevant for a discussion of a recording, it was not this one. And this is not the time or the place to get into the misfortune of labeling a grown women ‘girls’, but if you’re already down that road, Grammophone, let me add that, before the larger revival of trouser role repertory, in the early 20th century, Wagnerian soprano interpretations were the crush drug of choice among opera dykes both fledgling and seasoned (see the papers touching upon this issue by both Castle and Wood in particular). Must be something about convention-defying stances on power, but that is an issue for another time, as well.

And as for the interview mezzo goodies in this one: here is the 4-page interview portrait with Magdalena Kožená (P. 48-53).

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