Video Alert: Il duello amoroso from Sablé

It’s back! Finally!

After not at all *cough* checking CultureBox every day for news on this, the Handel evening with Orfeo 55 under Nathalie Stutzmann is now back online as a stream on demand – generously, until March 6th, 2017.

And yes, it is every bit aurally as pleasant as it is visually (see above – I was sold over the entry close-ups of the Orfeo 55 instrumentalists, and that was before anyone had even sung or played a note). It’s fun-spirited, too (and, well, you’ve probably seen this).

“Il duello amoroso”, Handel’s only soprano/contralto duet cantata (containing four arias and a duet), is one of the pieces featured here in a larger imagined arc of “muscial moments of a romantic couple negotiating their relationship” (whoever thought up this concept and then cast two female singers in it: thank you, thank you, thank you).  Stutzmann also appears as a singer, alongside soprano Emöke Baráth.

You’ve all probably seen this concert during the August 25th livestream already, but this is one event well worth relistening and watching (*coughandpreservingtoharddrivecough*)

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