Radio Alert: Handeling Delirious Delights


[A sight for tired feminist eyes on the way into the office this morning: the concert announcement for  Emmanuelle Haïm conducting the Vienna Philharmonic at TADW next week. Hell yes!]

The program (with the Vienna Philharmonic and Sandrine Piau) premiered last night at the Lucerne Festival (some news on the Concert d’Astrée FB page, which does not allow me to link to an individual post, but just scroll down here), which has a focus’ on women’s work this year (called “PrimaDonna”). E.g. program today: “Women of the Berlin Philharmic play works by women composers”, and my first thought is: “Does the Berlin Philharmonic have enough women players by now, or it will it be an evening for solo harp and delicate sexist silence?!”

I have some unfriendly feelings about “special edition: women!” programs, but as long as there is still no equality in sight, I will take what I can get and Lucerne Festival discussing women in music and playing music by women composers? That is a very nice special edition.

Lucerne Festival also posted an insightful interview with Haïm on their blog, on the Vienna Philharmonic and conducting in general and “Early Music”, which she plans to stick with – thank you, universe. The interview is in German, but if you want a recent English version touching in similar issues, try this recent entry at Askona’s Holt.

As for the concert, has it as an audio stream on demand for the next 30 days (it is downloadable, too, without much fanfare). I will refrain from listening in until after I have heard the live take next week (in Vienna the programm will feature Lenneke Ruiten instead of Sandrine Piau). There are also two special features (German/German dubbed over French) on the radio broadcast page: an intermission interview with Haïm, which clocks in at a generous 26 minutes overall, and a review debate (with journalist Teresa Vogl and musicologist Christine Fischer, hosted by Gabriela Kaegi).

Meanwhile, I’ll be listening to the interview rocking out to some Haïm conducting Händel (there are some soundbits featured with the Berlin Philharmonic, and it is so interesting to get the Haïm approach with the Berlin sonal color. It’s wild, in a way, as if painting Velazquez in Rothko colors), with a very Baroque “We can do it!” biceps flex. #feministfriday #earlymusiceveryday

21 thoughts on “Radio Alert: Handeling Delirious Delights”

  1. Cool, have a great concert evening and I’ll certainly listen/read in to this! I also like Haim with the Berlin Philharmonics, and I think her previous Resurrezione has been a huge success with audience and critics. On the video (you can get a free trial) you could tell the orchestra enjoyed working with her very much.
    Here is a trailer and this really made me see Christiane Karg with new eyes.


    1. true, without this I would probably be puzzled at the choice of Karg as Ginevra opposite DiDonato (well, other than that it has clearly been organized by the universe to make you happy 😉 )
      I think I have that one downloaded, actually? Wasn’t it on YT, or on free access or a while? (I might be wrong, though). Either way, it was beautiful! She really has a knack for getting convincing performances out of people who do not have an Early Music background.


      1. You’ve got the video downloaded? Ähm, maybe you can give that to me for Christmas? Btw. should I send you the Mitridate fragments after all (apparently it was right the way I did the cutting), so thadieu can remove the subtitles for you?


        1. I am not sure, I will have to check my HD archive – I’ll get to it as soon as possible (I’m in between two conference papers at the moments), and of course I could send it before Christmas if I have it.

          With the Mitridate, I’m fine – thadieu could work her subtitle magic on my own copy in case she is bored in the standing room queue in October. 😉

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          1. Are you going to wear Mitridate fan costumes in the queue? Send a photo (and add one of the Star treck gear as well :-)).
            The Alcina sadly does not seem to be scheduled for life streaming by Staatsoper, I would even spend the exorbitant 13 Euro on that one. But I guess no need to ask you to keep everyone informed in detail about the performance?
            MP’s „Di, cor mio“ in that short trailer is really fabulous, I love her free ornamentation!


          2. oh, Mitridate cosplay? Well, if de Vivaise made me a shirt (or a red army coat), I would wear it.
            (Star Trek without the ‘c’, in case you need to show some suave sci-fi knowledge at the next party).
            The Alcina looks like a filler for Minkowski, who does the Gluck foremost? And since the VD of that one is out with VK/Harteros, I guess they don’t plan on streaming?

            thadieu and I might write up a little note. On every single one of the performances. 😉

            Ornamentation is such a good indicator of musical intelligence – of course I want a big-toned soprano who usually sings romantic repertory to be sensitive about the stylistic codes of Baroque music, but at the same time, I don’t want them to fake something they cannot sell. I prefer someone finding a middle ground that works for them, and that is something that Alcina accomodates, and which e.g. Naglestad also did very well.


  2. “Does the Berlin Philharmonic have enough women players by now, or it will it be an evening for solo harp and delicate sexist silence?!”


    (I hope Ruiten will come to WH at some point, I like her – so I’m in an envious position)


    1. Looks like Belgium-Italy-Germany on her part this season? She is doing a lot of full productions. Hats off! (Does she ever sleep?!)
      but oh yes, WH. See, MY source of continuous envy!

      Thanks for pointing me to the Proms Semiramide btw – thadieu had mentioned it and I generally enjoy Barcellona, so I will have to check it out now.


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