White Skirt Wednesday: Put Your Hands Up in The Air

[Reaching out: a companion piece to this week’s White Shirt Monday. – Patrizia Ciofi (Giulietta) in Bellini’s “Capuleti e Montecchi”, Barcelona 2016.]

Whenever I catch Ciofi’s Giulietta (and particularly in comparison the recent listen to Valentina Farcas’ beguilingly youthful take), I become more appreciative of the maturity she puts into her interpretation in turn. Her Giulietta is young, but at the same time, she is not – Ciofi does make her timelessly relatable instead. (which adds another point to our recent discussion on retiring roles due to age difference to the role)

A next chance to catch Ciofi in the part onstage will be in Marseille next spring (where she’ll also be singing Ophélie (Thomas) this autumn, also staged by Vincent Boussard). She’ll also appear in the old Friedrich “Traviata” and Alden’s staging of “Les Huguenots” at Deutsche Oper Berlin next season according to Operabase. Though the most fun will likely be her Daria in Pelly’s take on “Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali” in Lyon next summer. I really should to do some according conference plotting.

2 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Put Your Hands Up in The Air”

  1. I didn’t have her so much on my radar so far, but now I feel I should take the opportunity and hear her life in Les Huguenots (with Florez as stage partner) which happens to match with my conferencing. Thanks for pointing it out and I’ll report back on that!


    1. Somehow, your conference sites are generally more attractive than mine, in opera terms! I wish I could hear Ciofi’s take on the Huguenots – sure, her voice has become a bit heavier with the years, but she is still very much a lyric belcanto soprano, so I imagine her take must be belcanto, and the Huguenots were such a watershed in soprano development with the entire development of the “soprano falcon” and the swerve towards a more compact and dramatic tone. I would love to hear you impressions!


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