Concert Forecast: Haïmspiel, III

Thank you, Deities of the Handelian universe, for my seats.

(So far, confused season ticket holders and the entire local French art scene. The French are winning out)

PS: Theorbo (Mónica Pustilnik) in the house!

19 thoughts on “Concert Forecast: Haïmspiel, III”

      1. Intermission – The mood is good! Well, the Mahler queens in the next box look like they’re undergoing a root canal, but everyone else seems to enjoy themselves

        Haïm mentioned she brought theorbo, cembalo, and flute.

        Update Sept 19th: I know googled properly – it is Mónica Pustilnik who plays wiht LCd’A. (on a sidenote, it is a pain to google up the musicians if one cannot invest in the program book. still looking to compelte my review)


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    1. The scores for Ruiten were brought out just now (and I thought: she has been in a few enviable positions already. Next to Haïm’s cembalo!)


        1. And I was sitting there just the other way around – thinking, how would Piau have done this because I cannot imagine it in comparison.
          Ruiten was good, had to fight a bit of congestion, but the best pieces were the encores. I hope I managed to get a little taste for you two – will DB later.

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          1. upload will still take a few hours – thadieu, you’ve got to teach me how to downsize mp4s…
            it’s choppy, of course, and the voice does not transport a well as the pit, but you’ll get an impression (only encores).

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    2. Currently, the flute player (who completely charmed the non-Handelian audience) and one of the oboists are talking shop onstage.


        1. Well, she might prefer absinthe, if the goth angle is a statement, but she was really good. And she enjoyed the soprano performance


    1. Oh yes. I wish you could have seen and heard this concert, for a variety of reasons (one of them already present in Brussels earlier this year).



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