Contralto Notes: Iervolino in “Tamerlano” in Ambronay

iervolino ambronay.png

Looks like Teresa Iervolino (depicted here with Christophe Rousset) rocked the house as Andronico in Tamerlano at the Festival d’Ambronay, and was particularly celebrated by the audience!

Review of Tamerlano at “Le progres” (in French)

Quoting the review by Antonio Mafra:

Mais samedi soir, le cœur du public battait pour la mezzo-soprano (presque un contralto) italienne Teresa Iervolino (Andronico). Avec son articulation idéale, son chant incarné et sa voix ample, chacune de ses interventions a redonné de la vigueur à Haendel. Une voix qui monte.

But Saturday night, the heart of the audience was beating for Italian mezzo-soprano (almost a contralto) Teresa Iervolino (Andronico). With her idea diction, her embodied sound and her ample voice, each of her phrases gave Handel back his rightful power. A voice on the rise!

…the only downside of Ambronay Festival? It’s kind of bad to reach by public transport, e.g. when if you were looking to travel there by train from abroad. Hypothetically. The TGV will only carry you so far.

Also, on a shallow note: that is a very nice dress. In fact, if all the Andronicos in all the productions from now on would look just like this, I would be very okay with that. And if all future Andronicos were Iervolino? I would be very okay with that, too.

(and in case you’re now gasping for breath because your lungs are obstructed by envy (or, well, in case you’re plain breathless for otherreasons)): this is just the training phase. We will be crying big, green, ugly tears come the 26th and Alcina at Acre) Please, fortunate souls in presence at that event: tweet your heart out. I would even join Twitter just to RT the impressions.

More impressions from “Tamerlano” via Les Talens Lyrique

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