With a little umbrella or two: “Alcina” countdown

[Anja Harteros with “Dì, cor mio”, Handel’s “Alcina”; Vienna/Staatsoper 2010. – Clip with thanks to raganellabianca1]

Friendly uncasual reminder that today, it is exactly one month until the Adrian Noble-staged “Alcina” reopens at Vienna Staatsoper on Oct. 20th, with the luxury of once more having Les Musiciens du Louvre in the pit, with Marc Monkowski at the helm (who will chiefly be in town to direct the new production of Gluck’s “Armide” with Gaëlle Arquez).

Additional rather uncasual reminder that, while there will not be Greek-rooted Anja Harteros in the title role this time, there will be The Other Greek Soprano stepping in, aka Myrtò Papatanasiu.

Vesselina Kasarova will not reprise her Ruggiero, and Kristina Hammarström, who at this point could probably sling a chain of broken Morgana hearts around her Bradamante’s bedpost, won’t be present to sing Bradamante, either. Stepping up to the plate from the Vienna ensemble will be Rachel Frenkel and Margarita Gritskova, respectively, while Chen Reiss (last heard in June as Sophie) will take on Morgana.


7 thoughts on “With a little umbrella or two: “Alcina” countdown”

    1. *sigh*

      can you imagine how great that would be, on both singing and acting levels? We would camp out in front of the standing room booth, no matter the weather!

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  1. Any of you going to the show? 🙂

    I would love to hear how VK would sound as Ruggiero nowadays, but there’s her first Composer to look forward to next month (with the Vienna State Opera in Japan). I hope they broadcast it. 😀


    1. Gosh, a broadcast would be great. I hope the Staatsoper keeps tabs on that becaue while I have braved many languages in search of operalia, Japanese is out of my league.
      (at least Vienna does get the Alcina, even if its Ruggiero is sadly absent)

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  2. I very much doubt there will be a broadcast but I could try to keep an eye out using the very limited Japanese I’ve learnt because this blog got me into Takarazuka…


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