White Shirt Monday: …the rest is a blur.

Mitridate Paris 2016 Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) Jael Azzaretti (Arbate)

[“But… weren’t the girls kind of over this production by now?” – “Nope. As in ‘not at all, not ever, not in all foreseeable and unforeseeable future’. We’re stuck with them. Sorry.” – Just in case anyone thought I was through with screencapping this show: as if. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) and Jaël Azzaretti (Arbate) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Paris/TCE 2016]

After a very enjoyable group watching event (we did not faint. At least not too badly), the White Shirts in attendance have arrived at the conclusion that the new version of the Paris 2016 “Mitridate” available on ARTE comes with a seriously botched up and glossed over audio track (including an outright glitch in “Tu che fidel mi sei”) that does not do Le Concert d’Astrée or the singers justice. It is likely owed to merging material from two different nights together (thadieu explains this so much better than I ever could). If you want to listen to this for the voices and the orchestra, revert to the February video or, better yet, the French radio broadcast.

The video direction of the new take, also owed to speed differences between two nights, apparently cuts out frames, resulting in a more jumpy feel of the show. There are also a lot more side angles (missing the front focus) and zooms (at times cutting away from important action, or narrowing frames so much that the overall dramaturgy of movement gets lost).

While on the vampire side of pale, the image quality has been cleared up and improved considerably, which, naturally, can only mean one thing: more screencaps (consider yourself warned).

thadieu posed the question on Saturday during the liveblog, “Where were you when you first saw this Al destin?” as a watershed moment. – To borrow from on old classic: My only clear memory is arriving.


30 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: …the rest is a blur.

    1. In which case: “dear ARTE, I don’t mind fainting that much.”

      (The screencapper in me does appreciate the higher resolution, though. is so much easier to catch specific moments of motion without grizzliness!)


          1. before: ears working as are, eyes+brain interpolate = happiness.
            after: eyes are happy (sometimes), ears working overtime de-interpolating, brain cramps to un-do what ears encounter = a bit less happy


            1. Are you sure you are not really a neuroscientist? (Btw, I still want to invite everyone here for some EEG /fMRI exams to get to the bottom of individual processing and perception of voices, gosh, that would be so much more interesting then what I have to write about just now)

              Liked by 1 person

            2. oh, yes please, I would be interested in those results, too.
              Book us! We can write up a grant proposal, we do that all the time, anyway! 🙂


            3. THIS!
              (and you put it in a way even the non-neuroscientists among us can process without brain cramps 😉 )


  1. So, revival in one year is settled then (maybe better with the old version)? And I hope you can make it then, Towanda!
    P.S. And yes please, more screencaps, and I really need to find a giggling smiley in the web to show my reactions to your texts, Anik, maybe this one? :>)


        1. i didn’t create, it was part of the old (but not oldest, more circa 2000) yahoo messenger set (now they’ve moved on to something super ugly, but those sets are really great. i’ve collected them here in case you want to make use.)


            1. yes, just copy the image link (full http address up until gif, skip the w=blahblah for width), put on its own on 1 line, hit return, then send in a comment (or even in a post, i’ve been using these since start of blogging in 2009) . and this is about my face when listening to S.Mingardo live at Wigmore Hall for example:


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