Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Semiramide” from Ghent (2011) on Oct 8th


[It seems to be a very Semiramide week,  with Anna Bonitatibus touring with her Assorted Assyrian Queens program and TroSantafé rocking the score and some leather as Arsace in the current run at Maggio Musicale. Add to that Cougar Problems in Mint Green, as staged by Nigel Lowery: Myrtò Papatanasiu (Semiramide) in Rossini’s “Semiramide”, Ghent 2011]

The next liveblog events will be a Rossini double bill, starting this Saturday, Oct. 8th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2) with “Semiramide” in the 2011 Ghent production featuring Myrtò Papatanasiu in the lead and Ann Hallenberg (and her epic qualities of eyerolling at Assur) as Arsace, and this week, we could probably all use some Hallenberg because Hallenberg singing means restored faith in humanity. Alberto Zedda conducts the Opera Ghent Symphony Orchestra and his take is worth the DVD buy already.

This production is not readily available on YT, but if you would like to watch and comment along (and do not own the DVD), just drop a comment below and we’ll hook you up one way or the other.

[Also: δ
yes, Agathe, I know what you said, but how could I not marble at this?]

23 thoughts on “Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Semiramide” from Ghent (2011) on Oct 8th”

  1. OK, that was really discreet (mumbling: and as someone who may have just applied for expensive tickets for another Semiramide in Munich, I should better shut up about peoples’ singer obsessions)

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    1. Holy Cecilia, who would remain calm with that line-up? Oh please let them stream this. They can keep all the Kaufmann shows for themselves if they give us this!! — Oh prayers immediately answered: they will! Ladies, we have a date Feb 26th. ASDFGHJKL!!! #mezzo glory

      (fine, discreet is an option, but it is not as much fun! But you actually made me sit back and think about why I notice muscle on women more, or why I comment on that and not on other curves, at the risk of being a different kind of sexist. I think in the first place, it is about the physical work that – contrary to other curves – goes into any kind of muscle definition. It takes dedication and persistence and a lot of effort and that makes me take note and pay tribute to that work and that attitude. And on a more abstract level, I celebrate visible physical strength in women, especially because conventionally, women get told that that they are not supposed to be physically strong – that muscles are ugly, that too much strength is unappealing/sexually unattractive (unless you’re a freak), that muscle will make a body less feminine, etc. So whenever I see a shoulder in a woman that is not bones sticking out, I applaud that).

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      1. Hey cool, and sorry I will hopefully not be able to take part at live blogging on the 26th Febr. (no, not really sorry) but I will definitely take part in the after show discussion!

        After going through all the following comments I regret ever having complained about muscles, it seems to have had the opposite effect, and I was really only joking of course and do agree with your view (also, it’s not as if I wouldn’t see the appeal).
        But in fact I personally find MP rather too skinny in Semiramide, luckily we know from Mitridate that this was not a further trend.


        1. You applied for the 26th? Okay, in that case we expect you to wave into the camera, of course!

          Skinniness demands on singers are as steep as they are stupid – and I cheer at things like Eva Marton talking about her home gym, or – like yesterday – Tara Erraught tweeting a photo of her hearty breakfast.



          1. …now you got me looking up Tara Erraugh’s breakfast. She is also singing the Composer this season, hopefully there will also be a live stream of that!
            (And sure, I will jump up and down in front of the camera on 26th, wearing a white shirt and copying JDD’s haircut!)

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          2. Now that is what I call a plan. And you will look fabulous!
            (Erraught… Composer… Goes onto the List!)


    1. it would be reaaally great if you could join us! you can wait for Anik to reply in the morning, or you can also drop me a random comment somewhere on my blog so i have your email, then i can also hook you up. Actually i could even provide you a hint on where you could drop a comment.. at least that’s where we all started i think..


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