Speranza, unico bene degli afflitti mortali: Delphine Galou in “Orfeo”

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[Hands up, how many tickets to this do you want?! – Delphine Galou (Speranza/Proserpina), rehearsing with Robert Carsen for the current Monteverdi “Orfeo” in Lausanne, Lausanne 2016 – Photo Credit: the official Galou FB fanpage]

The show is still running tonight (Oct. 5th), plus on the 7th, 9th and 12t of October at the Opéra de Lausanne.

At first glance, I thought this was a smaller independent project with Galou singing Orfeo. Which I would not protest. (and while Orfeo is pretty baritonal at points and it would require transpositon, the Orpheus figure per se is a prime candidate for genderqueer casting, re:Berlioz).
It is Speranza and Proserpina instead, so everyone get ready for a stay in the underworld (at least during certain months), staged by Robert Carsen. Which means that things will be very pretty, and possibly also deep.

And the very good news is: ARTE Concert is streaming this production on Friday.

Pass me the Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Galou Friday it is.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-05 um 11.33.35.png

[I may be fuzzy on the details, but that is a nice coat. Delphine Galou, presumably as Proserpina, in Monteverdi’s “Orfeo”, Lausanne 2016. – Photo Credit: Marc Vanappelghem]

31 thoughts on “Speranza, unico bene degli afflitti mortali: Delphine Galou in “Orfeo””

  1. A candidate for our list? (I mean our live blogging list, not that I would have a list of contraltos…). One more reason why our live blog season can’t end just because of some unreal stuff like work obligations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, a candidate for both lists! We will simply make it an all-year feature, whenever work permits. And what do you mean, you do not have a contralto list? Or does it not count as a list when there is just one entry in, condensed italics…?? 😉



        1. oh, possibly in something you typed here:

          “It is Speranza and Proserpina instead, so everyone get ready for a stay in the underworld (at least during certain months), staged by Robert Carsen.”

          ok, I guess i don’t know this opera enough.. and thought the only possible role is the messenger.. so there’s something much more?!


        2. Ah. Sorry. No (or not necessarily) – Proserpina is the First Lady of the Underworld and Speranza leads Orpheus there, Galou sings both those roles.



      1. Ah, I didn’t mean to! I just wanted to post a link, like before, who knew FB/wordpress just let me post a picture?
        Or they just couldn’t resist DG’s charm! White shirt power rules.

        Everybody should have a contralto list, really.


        1. hard to say, she sang soooooo short, criminal!! i’ve just finished.. but i’d say this is my *absolute* favorite Galou’s singing of *ALL* her singing so far! I can’t believe how well and descriptive her voice fits with Monteverdi! and was left wishing if she was singing Orfeo!! (The dude singing Orfeo is also quite good, i like the descriptive singing in general, not overemoting, just descriptive, which is what Monteverdi is)



            didn't she sing Penelope already? or is that just my brain taking what rightfully should be as a fact avant-la-lettre?


            1. yesh, please edit.. thanks. i was just too pissed they showed everything except 1 single excerpt of her singing.. and neglected the syntax for linking 🙂
              (now happily listening to 3-hr of Mingardo singing Penelope instead..)


            2. in a Guth production no less…
              Ah well. It seems I am late to everything! *sigh*
              and the trailer – yes, lovely, muscially, and lovely imagery, but really, Galou SINGING would have been much more of a sales pitch.

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    1. Oh my. Also, very practical since you walk off the stage in that outfit and head straight away to your own wedding, for which, I assume, some volunteers could be found after this performance.



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