18 thoughts on “October Forecast: Lyrical”

    1. It would be impossible with your deadlines either way, Tosca is on the 17th, but I had to think of you when I opened the flyer and saw the photo.

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      1. It’d be a debate though.. between A.Harteros and ACA 🙂 (if i could escape early i’d be in Hamburg catching ACA, then jet over to catch Harteros , *then* settling in for Alcina 😀 )


    1. I guess because it would be frustrating wanting to use that to get civilians out of regions of conflict and having to witness how selfish people with money and power use it for their personal gain instead? (Sorry. It’s been one of those Fridays)

      But to use such a thing to further joy and empathy through beauty and moving art? Absolutely.



  1. also up at the same site is Walkure Act 1 in her role debut as Sieglinde, which I’m listening to right now, really nice. not at all white-shirty obvs but we do love a beautiful voice, do we not?

    also you’re welcome. 🙂


    1. Yes, that Walküre, I already got, but somehow I missed Tosca! Apropos, did you see the little Staatsoper intro on Twitter yesterday?



        1. just annoucning the livestream and promising she’ll be doing her best and yeah, it could be the phonebook and we’d likely still watch it.


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