Lucio Silla: A(nnaBonitatibus)WOL?


Things you do not want to see when looking for your season programming: Exhibit A.

Remember when we talked out the Monnaie “Lucio Silla” in March 2017, and how that would definitely warrant a liveblog event? Here’s a reminder of the pitch:


Bonitatibus Ruiten Karthäuser and a Kratzer staging!

When I tried to look up the dates again to console myself with the stream prospect of “Silla” over not having heard Bonitatibus’ “Semiramide” program, I got the 404 above and the production seemed to have vanished. Noooo!

Some googling lead to hints (thanks to Distant Sounds) that the production has simply be postponed to the 2017/2018 season?

Please, Monnaie, put that information on the specific 404 above. I had a rather restless night over the disappointment of this having apparently been canceled because I had very much been looking forward to it.

Still, that leaves me with a Bonitatibus-shaped void in my ears that needs to be filled because I cannot possibly wait until 2018.
Since I won’t link to specific YT clips on Twitter for fear of them disappearing, let me address in this more private setting two brandnew offerings. And let me, once more, express my thanks to the incomparable gudrun74 for having us covered: head over here for some Signora Reale in the flesh.

8 thoughts on “Lucio Silla: A(nnaBonitatibus)WOL?”

      1. yea, for La Monnaie that is gross oversight. Normally they are more user friendly than most opera sites.

        I was totally thrown by the aggressive advertising via Mozartkugeln/Mozart-Klimt anything in Vienna. I like both but MY GOD! Make it stop 😉 that being said the kugeln aren’t bad.


        1. Perhaps some collateral damage of the new layout? I am not yet warming up to it.
          All the Mozartkugeln for you, then! I’ll stick with the Mehlspeisen 🙂


  1. Don’t know if you guys had seen this Parto by Anna, this is just hands down amazing, such spirit, such power! Orz
    Looked for place to put this vid but only found this entry that has Anna.


    1. Great, thank you! There is lots of Tito talk going on at the moment (Glyndebourne production liveblog on the 19th!), so this would fit well anywhere – also, we just talked about you yesterday since there was a Devieilhe mention! 🙂



      1. Oh good, happy to know I am mentioned 😉 where? I’d like to join

        Yes I did hear of the Glyndebourne Tito, somebody sent me a vid, Coote singing Vitelia, yes, the princess, not Sesto!


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