Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Comte Ory” from the MET (2011) on Oct 15th


[In case of doubt: threesome. Diana Damrau (Adèle), Joyce DiDonato (Isolier) and Juan Diego Flórez (Ory) in Rossini’s “Le Comte Ory”, New York/MET 2011]

After last week’s “Semiramide”, the liveblog series continues with another Rossini: the MET’s 2011 pink Bartlett Sher production of “Le Comte Ory”, on Sat, Oct. 15th, at 8.40 p.m.

Everyone interested is welcome to watch and blog along to some unbelievable good and joyful singing. The production is available as a DVD (and can probably also be streamed for pay from the MET) and is currently not on YT, but if you cannot get your hand on a DVD until Saturday, are not eligible for MET streaming, yet would like to blog along, just leave us a note.

21 thoughts on “Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Comte Ory” from the MET (2011) on Oct 15th”

    1. Thank you, stray! I never tried that – not technically equipped for it – but it would be interesting to know if it also works for Europe!



  1. this is saturday? when i have nothing else to do? how do i figure out what time this is in Denver because i think i can join in!

    oof, loved this when I saw it. Damrau, yowza.


    1. JDD, *swoon*!

      It would be great if you could play along Denver is UTC-6, so 8.40 over here should be 12.40 for your – Rossini luncheon?



      1. oh right, thanks for the update, i forgot about that 20min early schedule. leave it to me to volunteer and the door and send fans to the wrong time 😉 (unless there’s certain singer(s) involved..)


        1. I didn’t see your reply before responding! And you got the important part, the 8 hour time gap – I wouldn’t even know what mountain time is.



          1. 1240 Denver time! (mountain cuz…mountains?) YES. I can do this! Hooray!!!

            I um just need something to watch, it occurs to me.

            (also. there’s a look that Damrau gives JDD at one point that just makes me weak. that’s the moment I’m waiting for…)


  2. A few things to post under the radar meanwhile:

    1) in sad news: the most active outlet of The Usual Suspect has been emptied and will likely fall victim to YT’s erasure politics within the next few days. That is very sad news, but there are hopes of an early Dec. revival of at least the most popular contents. The other outlets, one of them full of bounty, seem untouched so far.
    2) in aesthectically pleasing news: check out a mezzosoprano recognizing the core aesthetic of a large part of a repertory (and a small, yet persistent part of what will likely be her fandom) here as a Twitter background, and here (the checkered fabric of our people! With braces! Outdoors! Is that a hattrick?!) within a photo shoot available via her website. Not much on YT of her yet, but one to watch out for.

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