Spare Ticket, “Alcina”, Vienna, Oct. 20th


Look! New wallpaper!

On the not so bright side (and related to said wallpapering), Dr. T’s and my plans to attend the “Alcina” series at Wiener Staatsoper as of tomorrow night has run into an unforeseen obstacle, which means we have a spare ticket to give away.

Vienna White Shirts, just drop a comment below if you’re interested (it’s a modest €32 balcony ticket). I won’t take this to Twitter before tomorrow morning.
Dr. T. – who is held up a continent away by admin issues – has expressed hope her ticket might go to someone who is also enthusiastic about the Handel, Minkowski and Papatanasiu (not necessarily in that order).

And apropos Papatanasiu, just in time for this “Alcina” series, her revamped website has gone online – with an up-to-date calendar (not sure if complete), much in the format of Ruiten’s or Crébassa’s pages.

I understand that doing admin work, or paying someone to do their admin work, is a pain for many musicians, but a web presence with a proper calender – be it on Facebook, individually hosted, or elsewhere – really goes a long way towards making sure your fanbase actually shows up in places. (There are people in our niche who fly halfway across the planet for a show. Just sayin’.)

3 thoughts on “Spare Ticket, “Alcina”, Vienna, Oct. 20th”

  1. hic. fingers crossed the tix is well used.. and that i still will fly out at some point… (this reminded me of the time Purity had to distribute her DerR tix, and I, a WS on the ground, just like you now 🙂 , managed to gather along a very lovely VK fan for that tix…)


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