Alcina IV

thadieu: made a lady in the standing room section very happy with your ticket.

That’ll last until I start swooning like a cobra facing a French flute fakir. Or like anyone with a pulse listening to a certain Greek soprano sing.

9 thoughts on “Alcina IV”

  1. i was thinking the same, standing room swap :-). i had some great time w very nice chat with standing room fellowers at the first alcina episodes.. and still remember the buzz when the taping was to take place. just woke up.. had another dream chatting with M.Minkowski 🙂


    1. The very happy lady with your ticket says thank you. She’s the mother of one of the extra junior choristers and said she couldn’t have afforded a seat and now she was waving enthusiastically at her boy…

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    1. …I wonder whether it is linked to opera, or the arts: that the willing ability to be moved is linked to a sense of empathy. (I hope so)



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