Alcina XIV

Images that will stay: Alcina has taken a seat on the chaise in the darkened hall (unqualified side note: shoulders and sparkles. Lightning is spot-on!), nurses her heartbreak and pours herself a scotch.

I think I could use one, too.

6 thoughts on “Alcina XIV”

    1. It is really unfathomable how this cannot be taped and released at least as a stream-on-demand (yes, I know, taping costs and there is a DVD and the miccing and it’s only four nights – but from an artistic viewpoint, it is UNFATHOMABLE)
      I so wish you all could have been there on that balcony right along with me.


        1. I’m still swooning. Took me all morning to compose a halfway measured review. (and now off to write the fangirl review until thadieu gets here!)

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