Alcina Afterglow

curtain all thx to thadieu.png

[Curtain call for Handel’s “Alcina” at Vienna Staatsoper last night – Vienna, 2016.]

Yes, this blog will eventually be less monothematic and more coherent again, but not today (sorry about the lack of White Shirt Monday this week).

But perhaps Blue Skirt Monday can be a one-time exception?

It’s a testimony to the abysmal press treatment of this re-release by the Staatsoper that there is not a single press photo to find that I could have posted with this note. But thankfully, thadieu has last night’s curtain call covered, so I took a cap from there.

And for everyone not present in the house last night: yes, it was magical.


22 thoughts on “Alcina Afterglow”

  1. I had hoped for this :-)) What an exciting interpretation, it seems like she and Minkowski are made for each other and for Alcina, fantastic dynamics! And fantastic voice match for this character!

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    1. 🙂 🙂 Not sure what could be another part or opera for them to collaborate, but after this display, I sure hope there will be something!



        1. I think it’s the youth. Or is he sleepwalking?
          But I have to admit that oddity did not even cross my mind since my senses were entirely occupied elsewhere.

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    1. As I said to Ed last night, welcome to the club, just draw a ticket and line up with us. 😉

      And all thanks to Dr. T. and her tech wiz skills (and her ‘specifically chosen for capture in low light’ camera). We are all so indebted to her (on an amusing sidenote, another admiring attendant of that evening apparently linked that clip on their FB account where it has since caught attention). Anyone should be proud of that interpretation, and the clip is qualitatively so good also in capture that it should garner someone some more international attention and recognition. As thadieu mentioned in her notes of Alcina #2 last night: one also hopes Papatanasiu will keep Alcina in her repertory for a while yet.


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