Alcina 3f

Another great evening, wholly engaging. Worth 4 hours of line-up.

And today we did not chicken out! We actually did approach a very exhausted-looking Ms. P., who had just made her way through a rather pushy gaggle of signature hunters, and simply offered our brief and heartfelt thanks (also for Mitridate, because of reasons).

Now on the way to the apartment, still full of music. thadieu is floating next to me, repeating, “she was nice! Charming!”

Personal Notes forthcoming – now we need to bask in the details and enjoy our last evening together. And have some dinner.

3 thoughts on “Alcina 3f”

    1. Oh no, I was just standing around like an awkward fool. Dr. T. met her and actually talked to her.

      The most coherent thing going through my mind was, “thank you, and we’ll now let you go get a good night’s sleep now, because you look like you could use it”. Had she been less weary or in a hurry, I think we might have thanked her more copiously for her work and the richness it brings to our lives. But truly, I am useless at stage doors.



      1. (in another language that might have been more clearly a plural pronoun, but sentiment is the same. I’m rather useless at stage door-type moments myself, so I get it. 🙂 )


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