Alcina 4g

PS. thadieu’s absence must be known because there was very little WS energy in the beginning – things picked up after the Mi lusinga look, but even that was a little mediated.

To the woman three rows in front who chose the first phrase of Ah mio cor to get up and leave and make noise, and then come back during the most amazing piano line, again making noise: there is a special place in hell reserved for you.

thadieu: #distractingthumbthing

4 thoughts on “Alcina 4g”

  1. man, talk about inconsiderate! then just stay out until the aria finished! (sorry to hear that! in a way the front-row parterre is really great for many reasons.. but definitely fun when there’s comraderie and tea 🙂 . am going through the shirt-aria now to cope.. while deriving equations, there’s a certain place i’d rather be at…)


    1. audience tonight overall was lukewarm, noisy and constantl on the move and altogether undeserving of the show.

      There was someone else getting up and leaing on squeaky soles during the beginning of Mi restano le lagrime!! I was thinking very unkind thoughts at that moment.


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