Alcina 4h

And it’s over.

Am I ready for this to be over?

I am, quietly, by myself, walking once around the opera house – reminiscing, a bit like the beginning of Mi restano le lagrime (minus the curtsies. Everybody draws the line somewhere)

There’s a half-done class waiting at home, and most people involved in this run will likely be on planes and trains (to France…) tomorrow. Back to normal life.

But oh, to have lived this.

5 thoughts on “Alcina 4h”

  1. quoting Purity (at the end of capuleti 2012 run):
    “And now a new day, life moves on. VK to Salzburg, you to Boston, me (well tomorrow) home to Scotland. But somehow everything better for our experiences. It was a wonderful time.”

    life does go on, but the memory stays.

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    1. Thanks for bearing witness to my bearing witness in this “fangirl auto-ethnographic experiment of 2016”, where I tried at all times to be truthful to the performance and my reactions. (It feels surprisingly vulnerable, and it it gave me more insight into how we are conditioned not to care, or not to let on that we care… and how sharing one’s own joy can, at times also bring joy to others)


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