Heartbreak Hotel


Also checking into the Heartbreak Hotel underneath a canopy of stars: the “Manon” of Patricia Petibon from Geneva earlier this autumn, now finally available via ARTE.

I guess Manon could choose a chaise right next to Alcina on the hotel terrace and commiserate over cocktails and lovers who have a tendency to run away, but not quite.


18 thoughts on “Heartbreak Hotel”

  1. I guess I will sit through it for PP and because it’s an opera I don’t know well, but at first sight the staging is not so much my cup of tea. Would maybe more fun to watch together in case thadieu or any one else are also interested. Btw what about this Saturday for Orfeo or that La traviata if you prefer?

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    1. the staging is Py, so I’ll definitely give it the benefit of the doubt – plus Petibon, so, I’d be down for group watching!
      I know we have a growing pending list to liveblog, we just got interrupted by Alcina (and GSS) – this weekend, I’m out on a conference, but anything after that is fine for me. thadieu is on the road for a few weeks, research-related, so I don’t know if she can make it?


          1. Yes, summer! *sigh* also a time without cold feet or constant sniffles in the house…

            If I prep my class on time, I could do next Sunday, but I don’t know about thadieu.



        1. Next Saturday, then! (The 12th, right?) Thr only question will be the program! The Galou Orfeo, the Rennes Traviata, Petibon’s Manon, what else is on the list?



          1. i’d vote for either the Rennes Traviata or Petibon’s Manon, because i did sit through Galou’s Orfeo, essentially she sang about 7min (may be more, it seems *very* little) in that 2,5hr (or 3hr?) production…


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