Retro Thursday: Wallpaper Me This


[…this. Pretty much agreeing with you there, Ruggiero! – Back and now of drinking age: the 1998 Handel “Alcina” at Opernhaus des Jahres, Staatsoper Stuttgart with Diana Haller (Ruggiero) and Agneta Eichenholz (Alcina), Stuttgart 2016. – Photo Credit: Martin Sigmund (Higher res at the Stuttgart Opernblog]

Dear Lord, now they have a blog, too (the theme of which will look somewhat familiar to you). As if my days had more hours to spend reading (I wish they did).

And no, recent and wonderful memories notwithstanding, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of this, either. – If you’re in or around Stuttgart: catch this classic still tomorrow night (Nov. 4th), or on Nov. 12th.

3 thoughts on “Retro Thursday: Wallpaper Me This”

  1. a little bit unrelated.. but someone just posted the 2004 VK’s debut as Ruggiero in that Carsen’s staging of Alcina, with a killer line-up of singers: L.Orgonasova (Alcina), P.Ciofi (Morgana), V.Genaux (Bradamante), VK (Ruggiego), L.Pisaroni (Melisso), Toby Spence (Oronte), John Nelson conducting (credit to Smorgy the president of VK’s fan club for digging this up).


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