By The Horns


[Tigresses in Hyrcania, and other matters: the Wieler/Morabito Stuttgart 1998 take on Handel’s “Alcina” (one more show on Nov. 12th in the current run to catch it live!), with Agneta Eichenholz (Alcina) and Diana Haller (Ruggiero), Stuttgart 2016. –  Photo Credit: Martin Sigmund/Oper Stuttgart]

This might turn out to be a day (or rather, a night) where the ‘Tigress in Hyrcania’ question gains new relevance. Until the results will be in, give me a horn and a hug and some white shirt cufflinks (afterwards, add some scotch to the tally)

10 thoughts on “By The Horns”

    1. perhaps this is a day to take an ample dose of Rilke.
      — “Sie werden sich hundert neue Namen geben und einander alle wieder abnehmen, leise, wie man einen Ohrring abnimmt”

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