Good morning, U.S.A.

Are you f***ing kidding me?

I will try to come up with something coherent later. Right now, I need to offer all my dear U.S. friends and readers access to my liquor stash (I’ll down the leftovers) and a hug, though not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Thanks for the offer. We have legalized recreational marijuana in several states, and will need it, although it is already tempting to believe that everything that just happened is just a hallucination.
    “This is what happens in a hereditary democracy.”


      1. after seeing that this specimen could beat the best prepared candidate, who happened to be a woman, I do not believe Michelle could win. He has showned you do not need history of public service, experience, knowledge, understanding of internatinal issues, respect, manners decency or common sense in order to make it to the White House. Also, You wouldnt believe how many times I heard Hillary couldnt be president bc’ it is not a woman’s job. It’s sad, but it is like this.
        Now, time to go to work 🙂

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        1. Would she win? I don’t know. Would I support it and hope for it? Hell yes. Because if I stop hoping and believing in human decency, I will leave the field to fear and hate. On my tiny, tiny, tiny scale, I have to make a difference, every day, for as long as I can. (Though today, I may simply be too drunk and still hope wake up from this)



          1. Yes, she would stand a very good chance. She has the presence, panache, and brains, and she connects with people in a way that Clinton could never quite manage. And she doesn’t have Clinton’s 25 year baggage train. But how about a nice run for Senate first, in 2018?


            1. I’ll settle for Senate (for now) – and having seen what we have seen on Tuesday night, being a woman and being black may still be a conrete ceiling, and not a glass ceiling. But there must be hope.


    1. and even the European New Right (which is still the Old Right) is so smug now – what we call ‘Oberwasser haben’ – and I think the re-elections for President in Ausria will go exactly the same way, with the difference that the elected will not be a buffoonist pig, but a small, ideology-heavy, beady-eyed man from the Austrian countryside. And haven’t we done terrifically well with those before.


      1. And let’s just hope Germany doesn’t follow with F. Petri who drives me up the wall with her outer appearance of a modern, feminist woman, while she is in fact the total opposite. If I can find anything good about Trump and Hofer than it’s „what you see is what you get“.


        1. UGH, Petri. The personified diffuse fear of loss of Social Privilege among the wanna-be intellectual, factual reactionary spießer middle class.



        1. There will be a lot more repackaging come December. My students are predominantly liberal, but I bear down on them regarding the “oh, I am so disaffected by our political caste, Icannot be btoehred to vote for someone I don’t fully identity with” attitude – voting is a right won under too much hardship to treat it that flippantly. Democracy isn’t a feel-good movie, it’s grueling work that takes patience, and dealing with human egoism and failure, and yet trying again and being as pragmatic as necessary and as idealistic as possible…

          I also take issue with the overwhelmingly white larmoyance of “ah, we’ll just wait it out and stick closer to home for a while” (and I am speaking of Europe here, but have also seen it in U.S. reactions these past few days) – it’s unchecked white privilege of not understanding that others don’t have that luxury of a home to retreat to, or have it threatened now. And if we do not care about what happens to our neighbors, that is, to me, giving up our humanity.

          At the moment, e.g. the FB feed of an ex-military friend, gay and married with small children, is heartbreaking: time and again she tries to convey the sensation of feeling threatened to people who have never and will never feel that particular threat.

          My baby brother said yesterday, talking about France, “well, in the 1930s you could at least try to emigrate to the US as liberal intellectual, but now?”


          1. “A woman who says that she is not a feminist means: she doesn’t care what happens to other women.” A voter who does not attempt to prevent the worse, because not offered a satisfying alternative, says: I don’t care what happens to other people. A person who withdraws their vote or action until prompted by personal conscience effectively agrees with Margaret Thatcher that “There is no such thing as society.” Only self-esteem.


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