Liveblogging: Massenet’s “Manon” from Geneva (2016) on Sunday


[Manon? Mais oui. – It feels like the right time to watch a smart soprano address questions of sexism and misogyny and the right to one’s own decisions on stage: Patricia Petibon in Massenet’s “Manon” as staged by Olivier Py, Geneva 2016.]

The early Geneva night filming is finally available via ARTE Concert, and the White Shirts, both regulars and newly interested, are welcome to join the liveblog this upcoming Sunday, Nov. 13th, at 8.30 p.m. (UTC+1).

3 thoughts on “Liveblogging: Massenet’s “Manon” from Geneva (2016) on Sunday”

  1. i’m traveling then so can’t join. sitting in a hotel in st. louis in between responsibilities i tried watching but just…i just can’t. i’m hoping y’all will watch and tell me this is ultimately an utter takedown of racist patriarchal misogyny (white het men having their way with the world) but i just can’t with it right now. the opening images just make my heart hurt. whose gaze is this meant for? not mine today, not mine.


    1. I’m not sure it’s a takedown, but it should be plenty of throwing shade where it belongs. We’ll see and the comments will be there… but you are right in that some things are so much harder (even more than usual) to look at.


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