Can’t Handle a World without Handel


The weekly magazine of German daily news outlet Die Süddeutsche runs an interview series called “interview without words” in which the interview partners have to answer questions by gestures and facial expressions. In edition 45/2016, Joyce DiDonato comments, as depicted above, on the question of “What would the world be without Handel?” and nine more.
Fotos by Alfred Steffen. (translations after the cut).

To access the gallery, click the link at the bottom right of the first image.

The list of questions, translated from German:

  1. What would the word be without Handel?
  2. What about you is typically US-American?
  3. …and typically Irish?
  4. Is your first name, Joyce, also your life motto?
  5. What should one absolutely not look like on stage?
  6. What is the first thign you do when you arrive in a hotel room?
  7. You’re calling yourself “Yankeediva”. Well, show us!
  8. Which opera gesture should be permantenly forbidden?
  9. What do you do when you acheive something truly extraordinary in singing?
  10. What is your favorite yoga position?

5 thoughts on “Can’t Handle a World without Handel”

    1. when I said in my review, “looking better than ever”, that is also referring to whatever yoga program she’s on. Those arms and delts and trap have seen some work, and it’s looking fantastic on her.


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