Weekend Plans?


[It’s been a week. White Shirt plans for the future: plotting and protesting and having each other’s backs while looking fabulous in white shirts and practicing the ‘judging you!’ eyebrow rise of Geschwitz. – Brenda Rae (Lulu) and Sarah Connolly (Countess Geschwitz) in Berg’s “Lulu”, London/ENO 2016. Photo Credit: Catherine Ashmore/ENO]

If your plans for the rest of the week don’t include being at ENO for the remaining two performances of the Kentridge-staged “Lulu” (tonight and on Sat 19, respectively), how about a liveblog get-together on something completely different?

We still have the Rennes “Traviata” on our “to watch” list, and since I doubt anyone can make it to Papatanasiu’s live take on “Traviata” in Athens this weekend on such short notice, we could do the virtual alternative event and liveblog the Rennes one.
I don’t know about you, but I am dire need of honest opera and your company.

Saturday? Sunday?

Meanwhile, in fun notes of Twitter and to lounge in style for the event: “how to dress like Cencic without breaking the bank”, via forumopera. As long as the world doesn’t tout army coat chic to go with its dire outlooks at the moment, there is still hope. And flowers.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Plans?”

    1. She told me this morning she’d be free on Sunday – shall we announce our usual 9 pm slot? Really happy you’re free, too. Are you sure you can suffer through another night of thadieu and me swooning over A Certain Greek Soprano? 😉



        1. I can deal with anything, except for the Brindisi. I may need lots of champagne to get through that one. And lots of delts. 😉 But whom am I kidding – in Traviata, I usually cry as soon as the prelude starts.



  1. How can each ENO Geschwitz/Lulu photo be better than the last? HOW, Sarah and Brenda?!

    Also: hello! Long-time lurker here interested in joining liveblogs. Where/how may one view this Rennes “Traviata”?

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    1. Welcome, Katherine! Good to see you delurk. The Rennes Traviata was on YT (via The Usual Source) and was recently re-aired via CultureBox, but if it’s not floating around the web right now, there is a White Shirt safety copy which we could DB for you. If you left a valid email address with your comment, I could send you a link.



      1. Thanks for the welcome, Anik! Unfortunately, it turns out I cannot join for this liveblog. As extremely unusual luck would have it, I’m actually seeing *two* plays on Sunday afternoon/evening now. And as enjoyable as White Shirt company would be, I think getting fresh air and hugs in person would be good too.

        I’ll probably be available on another Saturday or Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time), and look forward to that. In the meantime, I’ll see what all the Papatanasiu fuss is about by watching a “Mitridate” or two.

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        1. At the moment, I think we need all the hugs we can get. See you some other time, then – you know where to find us!

          (Mitridate. Yeah, we may have talked about that one (both Paris and Brussels) a bit here. *cough*)

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