Turquoise is the new Ruby

[Fine. Yes. I would watch that entire “Figaro” just for the facial expressions of Diana Damrau. (and for some other reasons, too, none of which necessarily would include the staging concept) – Golda Schultz (Susanna), Marianne Crébassa (Cherubino) and Diana Damrau (Countess) in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” as staged by Frederic Wake-Walker, Milan 2016. – Photo Credit: Marco Brescia/Rudy Amisano for La Scala]

So… if I click my heels three times in those slippers, will I magically end up in between two sopranos?

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Pornstachebino Goldilocks as a visual concept, but my media standards these days, when it comes to visuals, basically amount to “for the love of God, no orange” (which does not at all mean the Susanna outfit), so I think we are fine. Including that Contessa dress that vaguely reminds me of an oversized sea mollusk turned inside out and come to life.  Again, not the worst kind of mollusk that has recently crawled out from their rocks and taken on far too much space (with apology to all mollusks).

10 thoughts on “Turquoise is the new Ruby”

    1. New favorite Carracci, thank you!

      (the pose and the leg also remind me of Botticelli’s Venus and Mars – Martian leg, Venusian hair…?)


        1. Perhaps a new alignment/distance of masculinity and sensuality, especially against the backdrop of newly biologized binary gender ideals?



      1. there seems to be a white mollusk dress trend at the moment – see Saturday’s opening of “The Pearls of Cleopatra” at Komische Oper Berlin, featuring Dagmar Manzel:


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