Dec. 1st! – World Aids Day

[Teresa Iervolino with “Nacqui al’affanno” from Rossini’s “Cenerentola”, Berlin  2016 – Clip framed and provided by Oberfranke]

It’s December 1st, which means I finally get to post clips from the Aids Gala Berlin (which already took place on Nov. 5th, but who’s counting) as a virtual red ribbon to commemorate the day.

So, yes, we could argue that it is not really a true Berlin Aids Gala of queer dazzle format if there is no Simone Kermes in the house to bring it down, or no Joyce DiDonato in a tux bringing her best Romeo, but look who *is* here! Teresa Iervolino!

Also: Michael Spyres with something from Bellini’s “Bianca e Fernando” (not Faliero, but hey, it’s still belcanto). Spyres and Edwin Crossely-Mercer with “Au fond du temple saint” (you know your core audience, dear gala), and Patrizia Ciofi with “Louise” (also, sepaking French. In a turtleneck. With reading glasses to the side (don’t give me that look – this is not really the gala you watch for the exceptional artistry. It’s nice if it’s there, as it is in this case, but that’s not why I watch it).

13 thoughts on “Dec. 1st! – World Aids Day”

  1. Thanks, just what I needed tonight. Iervolino sounds great and is so much fun to watch, she’s quite an entertainer! Funnily enough I saw a short clip on the making of the Toulon Cesare and she seemed quite shy in her off-stage personality, but maybe that was only because she had to speak French.
    But Spyres and Crossley-Mercer really could have done more gay subtext, these two didn’t even dare to look at each other, or maybe that was the gay subtext? (but why, why the moustache?).
    Gosh, Ciofi is so cool…


    1. …probably Spyres and Crossley were cautioned to not combust the hall in a supernova of gay? That duet, come ON!

      The only thing I missed about Iervolino is that she couldn’t swagger as much in that dress. *sigh*

      And Ciofi… yeah. Ciofi is like the actual Grace Kelly of Belcanto, all classy and smart and effortless poise and not making a fuss about any of it.


      1. But Iervolinho still manages to sneak some swagger in, even in that dress, esp. in the end (min 7:25!).
        Ciofi reminds me of actress Alyson Hannigan (Lily in “How I met your mother”), also regarding the slightly crazy acting approach.


  2. soooo lovely to hear her hitting the low notes :-). and the pleasant sound of the voice. and the ease (must be youth too?) . it’s great, she’s on here, next thing we know she’ll be on all the Juditha Triumphans tours as Holofernes! (might be interesting to hear her as Juditha too 🙂 )


      1. oh, a good reason to rewatch that! 🙂

        (Ciofi interviews relly haven’t loat any of their appeal in between Liège and Now…)


    1. not even thirty yet… *sigh*

      The Opera Cougar jokes soon will stop being actually funny!

      Yes to more Holofernes, and Juditha, or basically anything (but particuarly anything up to Rossini). Though if we cast her as Juditha, who would make a good Holofernes for her?


        1. *lol* yes, yes, yes. 🙂

          Thankfully, there are wonderful singers at every age. (but it still gives me whiplash to see how many are already younger than we are… but there are our very favorites in the 40s/50s/60s segment to balance the scale)


    2. I also like her (relatively) high notes very much, very nice colour and I love the natural evenness of her sound without sounding tight or actively restricting vibrato.


      1. yes, the color is GREAT. I got the impression the projection was not entirely front-focused at times? But it’s difficult to tell in between timbre and placement. And she is still so young! Either way, it’s a great take musically. And yeah, after rewatching, I subscribe to the swagger of as of 7:30. Someone cast her in some big seria Rossini soon, and have OperaPlatform livestream it, please.

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