Suiting Paris

If there is one redeeming meme about 2016, it is #GreekSopranosInSuits.

And by Greek sopranos, I mean Papatanasiu, and by redeeming I mean… well, I’m not quite sure what I mean since coherent thought – coh… hnnng… Guuuh.

Why do these things not come with a warning?!

Yes, at some future point there shall be an inquisitive post about the appeal of conventionally feminine people in suits, examining the undercurrents of challenging essentialized stagings of ‘the feminine’ (possibly extending to subversive approaches to gendered binaries) vs. being socialized to react in affirmative delight to unthreatening upstagings of the othered feminine within a patriarchal mindset. But today is not that day.

In other news, “Don Giovanni” (in the Braunschweig staging) opens on Monday at TCE (no need to look at the promo material, everything is either from the original opening in 2013, or featuring the guys). White Shirts will be on the scene for intel. I would bake seasonal cookies for Thibault Vancraenenbroeck (responsible for the costume design) and send them along.
(I will pop in my Currentzis recording for some simile meanwhile and wait for the news over at thadieu’s)

6 thoughts on “Suiting Paris”

    1. And on that note: rehearsal glimpses for tonight’s opening of “Don Giovanni” at TCE (not sure how much of this signifies rehearsal costume and is not private attire)

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    2. also, there are AT LAST (TCE updates a minute ago!) a few photos form this run as opposed ot teh 2013 staging premiere surfacing:

      (now, have fun sorting out trouser legs and skirt legs 😉 )


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