Meanwhile, at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées…

[with thanks @sestoinfedele for the timely alert]

Opening night still in progress. I am not in Paris, but am fangirling at a distance while I wait for the reports from the White Shirt folks who are in the house tonight.

Generally, I am *so* over Annas and the ‘obligatory Giovanni attraction undercurrent’ in “Don Giovanni” stagings at large, but somehow, I mind it less in Braunschweig’s “all the attractions undercurrents are actually overcurrents, here’s the microscope” take, because it is placing such a clinical and detached gaze at the web of relational possibilities at large and doesn’t romanticize any of them. It’s a kaleidoscope of intimaticies, falling and falling into new arrangements and never find a foothold.

Also, #GreekSopranoSyndrome.
In trousers.

And in good news for everyone unable to be in Paris these days: the performance will apparently be aired on France Musique on January 1st.
2017, looks like you’ll be off to a fabulous start.

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées…”

  1. a more lengthy review over at Ôlyrix, talking at length about the singer performances, as announced here per tweet:

    (Link is here (though to be fair, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it that quickly without the alert via MP’s FB page))
    Also: more photos! (with possibly less problematic choices, too.)
    – though for the most in-depth and detailed account of Papatanasiu’s interpretation, I still point over to thadieu’s.)


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