Up, Up And Away With Iris

[Things you find on YT while listening to all the “Hence Iris, hence away” takes on offer: the 1999 ENO variant of the popular Royals version by Robert Carsen, starring Susan Bickley (Juno) and Janis Kelly (Iris). – Clip with thanks to Dig Deeper]

YT also has the entire thing. Yes, that is Sarah Connolly as Ino.

(Juno should elope with Iris. To Boston.)


17 thoughts on “Up, Up And Away With Iris”

  1. 🙂 what fun! What is it that she pulls out of her pocket in the end? Opera tickets?
    Oh, and Carsen directing reminds me to have a look at that ROH Rosenkavalier TV special, soon.


    1. I thought it was the plane ticket? Either way, fun! I am slightly cautious about the Rosenkavalier since Carsen+Fleming+Garanca might end up getting lost in its own prettiness.



        1. not bad at all, but perhaps not all it could be – Carsen is always pretty, and often poignant and funny, and in his really good works, he elegantly turns things and perceptions upside down… hoping for the latter (but will content myself with the first two, whom are we kidding)


            1. *Lol* you’re right. an getting both takes, live and then HD, is probably the smartest way to go (though yes, pack those binoculars!)


          1. Re: smelling salts – yes, do not faint in the Family Circle, it is a long way down. Also, for the same reason, do not wear long gowns with trains and high heels. (Seriously I saw someone do this once.)

            It being April, if you are wearing baseball gear to the opera, Yankees is recommended. Boston Red Sox is not advised. Other teams pending pre-season. (NB: You may wish to review pitching stats of Yankee bullpen prior to performance as it may come up at intermission.)

            Assuming they are still doing this, to access the Totally Sekrit Ladies’ Rooms at intermission, go to the top of the Family Circle and hang a left.

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          2. Stray, you’re killing me. 😉

            Smelling salts requirement so noted! I have a feeling they will be in constant use in the first act.


            First of all, there is literally ZERO chance of me wearing a long gown with train and high heels. Did you miss the I-wish-I-could-wear-flannel-forever thread elsewhere? 😉 Trousers and crisp dress shirts for me. 🙂

            Second, I would be completely disowned from my family if I said anything positive whatsoever about the yankees or wear said team’s gear (in any other context than it being the punishment for losing the yearly family baseball pool, I kid you not). Hell I’d disown *myself.* 😉

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      1. Yes, of course, plane tickets make more sense!
        From the first glimpse, the Rosenkavalier setting looks deliberately trashy in it’s prettiness, so maybe that’s the plan?


        1. hm, interesting. Might be – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Carsen set look trashy at all? At least not unintentionally?


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