White Shirt Monday: Anything you can wear, I can wear better

[Relationship Crisis: when fiancé(e) looks better in a white shirt than oneself. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Donna Anna) and Julian Behr (Don Ottavio) in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, Paris/Théâtre des Champs-Elysées 2016. – Photo Credit: Vincent Pontet]

Yes, I know it’s not an actual White Shirt, just a literal one (ah well. Can’t have everything. Although perhaps yes, since DiDonato has mentioned she’d sing the role of Joe Biden if written for her in an opera). We’ll make an exception today. Does anyone mind?

The TCE Facebook account may be a little late to the production photo party, but they make up for it with a great variety that is also heavy on #GreekSopranoSyndrome, plus hosts lots of white shirts (the literal kind, again) on all kinds of people including the handsome tenor above, all shot by Vincent Pontet. – Thanks to thadieu for alerting me to the FB album, where you can find the photo above and a dozen more, all in 2048px high res.

The show is still running tomorrow (Dec. 13) and Dec.15th – a little seasonal cheer trip to Paris, anyone? To close out the year in style with TCE, just as it began? (it began in February. You cannot convince me otherwise. And the TCE goggles are pretty much the only redeeming way to look at this year of 2016)

For production insights, I refer you once more to the write-ups of dehggi and thadieu who were at there on opening night, and I leave all of us with the good news that this very “Giovanni” take is supposedly being aired by France Musique on Jan. 1st. – 2017 is looking up already.

14 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Anything you can wear, I can wear better”

    1. I’m usually the first one to say that size is overrated, but you know – it’s that HD in the theatre hall thing. Sometimes resolution is nice (well, nearly always – in the UN, in the music, and in px…)


    1. i need to see her closer! (and definitely hear her closer! she’s coming to San Francisco next March I think , to sing “Elle” in “La voix humaine” , i need to sort out schedule.. )


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