Sound and Clouds and Thunder (6)

[clip with thanks to jovi1715]

What a year we are leaving behind, and what are we moving into?

To me, fear moved closer in a year marked by the loss of fixtures – politics, people, power (im)balances, the possibility of permanent peace.

It has also been a year of appreciating the beauty and the love I was lucky enough to encounter more than ever before. So even with a fearful glance at the tipping scales of international politics, I am able to count a lot of blessings, tossed more sharply into light than I can remember.

With this past week’s losses, I almost went with “Calisto alle stelle” to close out the year, but returned to Handel and von Otter. Ariodante himself may be – as stated aptly by thadieu yesterday – a total dweeb, but if there is one aria about the jubilant and unfailing hope for daylight to return after a dark night, it’s “Dopo notte”. And if there is a voice that can tide you through a few dark years as a guiding star, it is still Anne Sofie von Otter (but on YT alone, there is also Connolly, there is DiDonato, there is Kasarova, there is Hallenberg… and there better be Coote, too).

Into a year of loving fiercely, speaking valiantly and reveling in the music. May it be as happy as can be for all of us, and my we find solace in each other and in the music when 2017 takes downward turns.

18 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (6)”

  1. currently tapping my feet. it really has such an uplifting effect. (and i really love her way of doing coloratura, very sexy!)
    Ariodante is one of my top fav operas (despite after understanding the plot). I think both soprano roles in this requires quite flexible and lighter voices? much more so than Alcina? because it could easily be our next waiting-queue event if it ever happens! i was reminded way back when still not knowing anything about Händel and getting to know him via “dopo notte”.

    happy new year to you, and yes, we’ll seek solace here while maintaining the fight.


    1. yes, both Dalinda and Ginevra are more lighter, coloratura voices (more Morgana than Alcina) – though for a good Ariodante/Polinesso, put me in that waiting queue! (also keeping ears open on the Britten, but announcement will only be in spring…)

      I might actually have been at that 2005 Musikfest concert. 🙂 What a way to get into Handel… (and never get out again!)


  2. My favorite one of these is the 2nd row iPhone boot someone did of JDD somewhere on that recital tour she did with Rousset and LTL. Like ASvO’s, it’s just flung out there with absolute (and entirely justified) confidence and she’s clearly loving what she does for a living.

    All best for the New Year!

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    1. wwwwoooooah, that is a great one. Thank you! Blasting it through the office right now.

      And Happy New Year to you, too!


    1. Towanda, do you know she (JDD) and almost the entire cast has 4 stops in the US before the euro-Ariodante tour? I’d like to go to at least 2… originally i thought perhaps i come to Missouri since nobody would be fighting for tickets with me 😀 , but then i’d have to sort out how to get from the airport to anywhere… so tentatively i might contemplate NY + DC… But if you ended up going on the road to see her we could converge :-).
      25/Apr , University of Michigan
      28/Apr, Kansas city, Missouri
      30/Apr, Carnegie Hall, NY
      2/May, Kennedy Center, Washington DC


    2. Oh, goodness. I love ALL. OF. THEM.
      (is this from the year where she broke her leg on stage? I guess so)
      absolutely done in by the bobbing along. ( I am so SO EXCITED I will get to her sing this live this year. As will Agathe, as will perhaps thadieu and you…?)


      1. Yes it is! You can just see the boot on her foot under her skirt, and the next (or one of the other) videos from this concert she’s singing Ombra Mai Fu on crutches. She’s my hero.

        Tha Dieu, the only one of those dates I could conceivably make work would be Apr 28th in KC – we will just have come back from our Met extravaganza but if a meet-up would be possible with you I’d be willing to try. Plus she loves KC of course so that would be fun.


        1. Ehehee. Thank you! Sometimes, to entice my students to actually read their assignments, I give them article copies from my student days with my annotations, inclusing devil emoticons and copious scribblings of WTF?


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