Radio Alert: “Don Giovanni” from TCE

DonG TCE 1.png

Why only the champagne (aria) when you can have the full opera? – Interrupting the 12 White Shirts of Christmas for a timely reminder that the New Year, at least in music, has started beautifully, with France Musique broadcasting the Dec 15th recording of “Don Giovanni” from Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris. It’s available for audio streaming.

So… Mozart, feminist discussion and a favorite soprano?

Count me in.

And while “Don Giovanni” is probably only white-shirtish in deconstruction (which is a fair starting point), there was Donna Anna in a suit at TCE, offering another starting point to discuss depictions of femininity in relation to power and self (next to other, eh, more superficial appeals). – Don’t miss the comment discussion in thadieu’s write-up to get you started. Some nice ideas for plot extensions, too.

But France Musique seems to have had that same ping on the old ‘dar, because look at the accompanying program choice as seleted by Jérémie Rhorer himself. Well.

DonG TCE 2.png

18 thoughts on “Radio Alert: “Don Giovanni” from TCE”

  1. oh thanks! i completely forgot about this! and i was *free* on 1/jan ! ended up watching the entire Calisto, so it was all good. let me try this. the whole thing should be avail for download too.


          1. DON’T I WISH there had been a TV broadcast. After all our discussing, I’d have ben really intrigued to see the production on the whole and get more of a feel for how it fits into the sexism debate.


            1. meanwhile, this entire first scene of DonnaA is going very well in my head with the visual.. I’d take her singing this over the Currentzis’ recording. so much more life and emotion.

              “Caro padre! Padre amato! Io manco! Io moro!”

              I really like the conducting there. You can hear her (then add on the visual of limping, passing out), then the rush from DonO, panicking. Then she regained consciousness, then the duet. very real.


            2. …almost on my way to the office where I will listen to this all day long! Am curious about the tempi after what you and dehggi said.


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            3. I listened to it 2x! and also the trio+duet of DerR, so nice! am curious to hear your opinion on this DonG. I have more to say after re-listening but don’t want to taint your listening experience 🙂 . then i was debating what to listen to next.. and voted against 3rd round of DonG.. to clean up the laptop in order to back up the back up the back up… and look what i found!


    1. Aha, thank you!
      Well OF COURSE it comes with Kasarova’s Sesto (and both ZUrich and Salzburg, too). And lovely that the full audion is still available even though it’s from 2014.


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