Sound and Clouds and Thunder (7)

[Zemlinsky, “Sie kam zum Schloss gegangen”, on a Maeterlinck text, sung by Anne Sofie von Otter. – Clip with thank so Garsendouble Le]

Yes, those who have been around these pages for a while know that I love this song (and this interpretation).

In a time where so much of public opinion is shaped via the aggressive maneuvering of fabricated ‘news’, it is good to remember – and that stylishly, too – that all narratives are made and should be examined closely. And in that, that our stories are as valid as anyone else’s. And that representation matters. (present case: this song was very important to me during my coming out/coming to terms with being gay years)

So if someone wishes you ill or worse, queer it in style: sometimes, ‘Death’ can take the form of an attractive lady to whisk a woman from a marriage of convenience and off into a romantic sunset. Take that!

Have a good week of walking your own path and telling your own story, because your perspective matters. There will be no silence. There will be words. And music.

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