White Shirt Monday: Cruisade

[A smile to brighten up your Monday: Sonia Prina (Rinaldo) in response to birds in Handel’s “Rinaldo”, Glyndebourne 2011]

Yes, I know I capped this extensively in 2012, but that was before HD copies (thank you, Magic Channel).

And since we were swooning all over Prina’s 2014 Polinesso for Aix this weekend (which, as weekend plans go, was a very good one and also featured Petibon Piau Connolly & Feminist Ranting), here’s the similarities and differences when looking at her 2011 Rinaldo (also in relation to the very important discussion point of ‘wig or no wig’).

The Carsen “Rinaldo” will also be our next liveblog event this upcoming Saturday, to make this a very Prina week.

liveblog visuals.png

[…actual footage from Saturday’s “Ariodante” liveblogging. More or less. – Sonia Prina (Rinaldo) and fangirls Almirena doubles in Handel’s “Rinaldo”, Glyndebourne 2011.]

32 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Cruisade”

  1. Sad side note: the current main iteration of The Magic Channel has abruptly gone private between midday and now – was there any alert on FB, or have they been hunted down again? Let’s hope it’s only temporary… (has anyone of you managed to secure the Madrid Alcina before that? It was a fairly new addition)


    1. Too bad, what, the Alcina was there? I don’t have it saved but can access it via the theatro’s videotheka, if you want to have it (for liveblog?:-), after some break for your and thadieu’s to choices of course), I can maybe arrange something with thadieu, who has this “machine” it seems?


      1. it went up about a few days ago, saw it yesterday and figured that it would be a good thing to finally look at in depth. – Thank you for the idea (and for putting the production onto my radar in the first place) – I hope things will resurface, but if not, we may have to employ the Magic Machine Wrangler. 😉


          1. Oh, you’ve GOT to be kidding me. The D.C. went up only yesterday, I think? I had seen it listed while at the office, but didn’t check it out yet. I hope our Magic Channel Owner, to whom we owe so much, was quick in reacting to traffic increase and won’t get any strikes from this. But it’s sad, really, with the history they have, that people cannot curb their enthusiasm to protect this treasure trove.



          2. ha, good news, 6/4 IS BACK, I repeat, it is BACK, and in full. Hallelujah and THANK YOU, M. of the Magic Channel!
            (yo, Agathe – perhaps take a look at that penultimate entry… safety back-up? For a possible liveblog down the road?)

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Cool, already downloading. That production is really good on some aspects, others I’m no so sure about. I’m really interested in your more SP-unbiased opinions there, it should definitely be on our list!


    1. the WS-friendly graphic? (dehggi, we still need the balloon! 😉 ) Do we need to add additional covers for our tour bus?!


        1. oh THAT –
          let me quote it here: Purity’s piece of code

          ‘* Script name: white shirt deportment.kasarovaintheflesh.first time
          ‘* Author: The White Shirts
          ‘* Purpose: Defines appropriate code of conduct for Kasarova sighting.
          ‘* Modified to reflect internationalisation requirement.

          do hold self tightly {trying really hard not to let out a primal scream at an inopportune moment};
          if {the “civilians”} start applauding,
          start brava-ing loudly {ratio civilian decibels * 10};
          do until opera done;
          if British,
          retire {to nearby pub for dreamy reminiscing};
          join adoring fans {autograph queue, stage door]
          do scan web {anxiously waiting next opportunity to see her}

          # adapted from COBOL programme FassbaenderEtiquetteDerRFirstTime
          # note needs developed to account for second time behaviour modification

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          1. Chuckle, I want to see that script running! Although, it took me a while to scroll down here, re-reading the subheadings, snort! Are you sure we can add something to that in our upcoming liveblog? On the other hand, you two are really in top form in productions without MP distractions.


          2. You’re in pretty good from even with Prina in sight (how much smelling salts will we need for Rinaldo, though, where she is not wearing a wig?)

            in in between Prina and Abrahamyan, all the boarding school energy, and Pisaroni and Rae and Fritsch, I think we can come up with some more!
            ( We do of course expect you to wear your best blond wig and be Almirena Fangirl #1, so we can take our cues from you, since we’re apparently a little slow on the uptake if not addressed in and by the Greek. 😉 )


          3. In some aspects, we are definitely in top form then. Though perhaps not in the area of measured composure…? (But what fun is liveblogging with measured composure?)



          4. measured composure! i remember that post! i should pin it to the inside of the office door, that would make long office stays so much more composed.
            (off searching for the post, has to be in Feb methinks, because i remember getting confused about “Racine” while attempting to read conference posters…)


          5. good reasoning. I’m in between editing a paper, and continuing my DonG post, and drawing up a set of slides. So naturally it’s commenting and Currentzis… *sigh*


          6. Ähm, maybe comments tend to be a bit more one-dimensional? (or should we call it focused?). If there are comments any at all and you have not passed out.
            (I may be walking on thin ice here, with our upcoming event tomorrow)


          7. OMG a COBOL program for opera fans? That’s so nerdy and I’m SO into it. I mean, how else will I know what to do when my measured composure deserts me without my if/else statements on hand?

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