Liveblogging Handel’s “Rinaldo” (2011) on Saturday

[likely scenes of Saturday’s upcoming liveblog: white shirt fangirls reacting to Sonia Prina’s performance. – Sonia Prina (Rinaldo) in Handel’s “Rinaldo”, Glyndebourne 2011]

Since it’s the unofficial Prina Performances Winter Festival happening here at the moment, there will be another entry to festival calendar this upcoming Saturday, January 14th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+1), with Handel’s “Rinaldo” from Glyndebourne (2011) as staged by Robert Carsen – featuring Sonia Prina in the lead, Varduhi Abrahamyan as Goffredo, Brenda Rae as Armida and Anett Fritsch as Almirena.

The production is out on DVD, though if you would like to participate and you’re in need of a smaller YT back-up copy as to not having to switch DVDs mid-evening, drop me a comment or a message, since the online available safety depository of that (not quite complete) copy should, due to current events, be treated with the discretion.

8 thoughts on “Liveblogging Handel’s “Rinaldo” (2011) on Saturday”

  1. Also, for future reference, I believe this can be rented/bought for browser viewing or dl over at digital theatre dot com, along with some other G bourne things.


    1. yes, thank you! – already saved away for a post after it’s on iPlayer, just as well as Connolly’s Geschwitz that’s already on replay now. BBC3 is spoiling us!


      1. Indeed they are!

        Just finished listening myself–especially enjoyed Coote’s Octavian. Be warned there’s a loud “K-k-k-krr” props/set noise after the final duet which probably worked with the staging but is rather startling in audio form.


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