Radio Alert: Lulu… mein Engel!


[Just making sure this week stays sufficiently gay, while looking fabulous in white shirts and practicing the ‘judging you!’ eyebrow rise of Geschwitz. – Brenda Rae (Lulu) and Sarah Connolly (Countess Geschwitz) in Berg’s “Lulu”, London/ENO 2016. Photo Credit: Catherine Ashmore/ENO]

Future plans: get a law degree and stand up against oppression on all levels (well, perhaps not really the law degree, but the standing up, definitely) and making sure this remains a supportive queer space with relevant music and visuals.

Spaking of which, the ENO Lulu is now on available on demand vi BBC iPlayer, featuring the Lulu of Brenda Rae (who fewatured in last week’s Rinaldo liveblog in a smiliarly empowered (or not?) position) and the heartbreaking Geschwitz of Sarah Connolly.

When this week comes to a close, there will be a shift to the right in Western political office that is invested also in silencing (or, at the very least, being dismissive of) queer narratives, and women’s narratives, so sitting down listening to Connolly’s Geschwitz addressing a woman onstage, passionately and romantically, has just been upgraded from pleasant pastime to political statement.

(and if you need a pick-me-up after yet another dead lesbian (though, hey, at least no one robs her of her queerness in the narrative): head over to ARTE Concert for the re-uploaded 300 years of the Opéra Comique Gala in HD (video from 2014), where you have lots of inspirational female performances (Antonacci does the Habanera. Petibon sings Manon. Devieilhe makes good on Olympia!).

Granted, our own voices may not be as beautiful, but let them be heard, no more than ever. They count.


24 thoughts on “Radio Alert: Lulu… mein Engel!

    1. Geoblocked? Grr. I’ve got the YT version I could easily DB for you, or I could download this, split it and sent it over in parts?



        1. I could DB you the YT version… I also transferred the “Ancient Greek lady” opera back into my computer, but since that’s >3GB, I still need to split it first.



          1. – upload in progress, though it’ll probably take me tomorrow night as well.

            I’ll message you once I’ve got the link for you.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that is a NICE link! Fortunately, without a body count.

      And welcome to the Hopeless! Corner. At least this is the good kind of hopelessness – exuberant instead of bleak.


      Liked by 1 person

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