Sound and Clouds And Thunder (9)

[Barbara Hannigan performing Ligeti’s “Mysteries of the Macabre” with the Gothenburg Symphony. Recorded 12 April 2013 in Gothenburg; clip with thanks to Göteborgs Symfoniker]

There’s also a  full performance of “Le grand macabre” on YT, staged by Fura del Baus, and yet the whole Ligeti is still less absurd than what is going on today.

The Ligeti also has none of the stagering levels of incompetence, much less in public office, unless you count Art as a publich office and we might as well since it will clearly be one of the upstanding respites of upcoming years.

(and I do not expect any non-musician who cannot hold a tune and never has practiced a minute in their lives to be appointed first chair or principal conductor anywhere, or to insist, once appointed, to remove collegues that come from other countries. Or, having renounced wanting to pay their share in the Künstlersozialkasse, showing up and expecting to get insurance anyway)

Get some smart groove on today, and then go out there tomorrow and stand up for diversity, competence and communication, for common sense and, as the bar is set really low there at the moment, for some basic human decency.

5 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds And Thunder (9)”

  1. just saw Hannigan tonight in Written on Skin – someone who can make me appreciate contemporary opera 🙂 after the performance you linked I wouldn’t have known she’s so delicate in person.

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