White Shirt Emergency Support (1)


[Because sometimes, the only viable option is #DrinksWithBrangäne. Or cooking up a sleeping potion with a duration of, say, four years? – Catherine Naglestad (Sieglinde) in Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, Amsterdam/DNO 2016]

Since I can’t pass you the bottle of strong liquor, let me counteract the current ritualistic burial of Western Democracy the only way I know: with the beauty and fierceness of opera and its singers.

I saved some favorites away for today to keep us going in a moment of incomprehensible lack of decency, competence, altruism and kindness.

Be kinder, be unwavering in the pursuit of truth, and also, please pass me that bottle. And also, I’d really like for Naglestad to give one of her trademark burn-down-the-stage performances now.

(for further feeling of warmth, behold Joyce DiDonato throwing shade while staying classy over German beer (also, tagging an entry on Semiramide with #whatdoyoumeanheismyson?)


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