White Shirt Emergency Support (2)

[Oh look – live footage from Capitol Hill, as the allegories of Desolation, Despair and Depression assemble to commemorate one of the unfiner moments in history. And if I am to make through today without live-conserving my liver, I have to rely on the most blinding moment of beauty and truthfulness and godness that 2016 had to offer for me. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare), Petricia Petibon (Aspasia) and Agnès Aubé (Older Lady-in-Waiting) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Paris/TCE 2016]

Do you remember the beautiful belief of the Enlightenment, that Beauty and Truthfulness and Goodness would, in their purest condition, automatically collapse into each other?

Impossible, and farther away then ever, and yet… and yet.

Take you shards of beauty, hold them up against the light, and then seal them into you in their truth. We will need them to keep us going.

10 thoughts on “White Shirt Emergency Support (2)”

    1. that’s what we are, a feminist base camp at the foothills of Mt. Patriarchy.

      (am about to put on my spikes and icepick and go scaling for a bit.)


      1. back from mine.. estimated 40K joining.. in balmy 23ºC . The one yesterday was more poignant in a sense: it was a “minority” gathering (lgbtq) with some moving and personal speeches. The message on both days is clear: don’t be silent, sign up with local grass-root organizers to stay engaged and active. All the horrors one has heard of passed-into-law policies coming out of here: we were at the footstep of the building. Such shame so much hates are coming out from such a building. Hope we can all stay active after today.. in solidarity.
        (oh, i got interviewed by a reporter from the newspaper “Houston Chronicles”, she took my name, title, and viewpoints 🙂 ).

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        1. 40k, wow! And yes, absolutely staying active. giving interviews is already part of that. 😉

          about 2.5k over here, which is not a bad outcome for freezing temperatures in the middle of ball season where the city is still asleep at noon.Didn’t feel my toes after a while, but a lot of other things. Nice blend of queer, pro-environment, pro-refugees/faith diversity, pro women.

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        2. local press says anywhere from 100,00-200,000 here which is mind-boggling (they were expecting 10-20,000. Biggest crowd I’ve ever been in I think. We found and lost people multiple times and finally marched with a local movement choir/band combo we’re part of singing old-and-new freedom movement songs. Which was a blast. (and quite the contradiction to yesterday’s protest in more ways than one).

          grateful for this space in the in-between times, definitely. ❤

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          1. #QueerFeministBaseCamp #IfBelcantoIsWithUsWhoCanStandAgainstUs

            Of course the work starts today, or continues today, but for a narrative? Yesterday was EXACTLY what we needed to establish a stand and a core reference, and it’s powerful. (As seen by certain people getting their knickers in a twist)
            We still need to keep it going, but I think human decency just claimed the resistance narrative again – with all the swashbuckle and pathos that comes with it – and that’s the glue to keep people going on as a community when it gets into the dire stretches.

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