Liveblogging Handel’s “Alcina” (Madrid 2015) on Saturday

[ “So wh…wait, why are all those White Shirt fangirls in attendance? Again?!” – “Uh, I think they never actually left, dear…” For sure some recitative exchange between Sonia Prina (Bradamante) and Luca Tittoto (Melisso) in Handel’s “Alcina”, Madrid 2015.]

Another White Shirt Central liveblog is upcoming this Saturday, Jan. 28th, at the customary hour of 9 p.m. (UTC+1) with Handel’s “Alcina” from Madrid. Mainly because I am in the mood for some Karina Gauvin setting things on fire, plus there is never anything wrong with Sonia Prina in a suit.

The production is available online via the Teatro Real library (view-on-demand, for pay) or via the Magic Channel (send a message or leave a comment if you are in need of a link).

18 thoughts on “Liveblogging Handel’s “Alcina” (Madrid 2015) on Saturday”

  1. As I mentioned, I’ll be traveling/workshopping/plenary-ing BUT I wanted to say, I’m taking my laptop and plan to re-watch Clemenza while holed up in my no-roommate-thank-you-Jesus hotel room.

    And Carol. But we knew that already.


    1. Sounds like a great evening plan, but we will miss you! I think there even are red dresses.

      Oh, had to think of you and Carol yesterday because one of the sopranos wore a dress that could have fit right into the movie.


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  2. This sounds interesting. I’m not very familiar with Alcina, I only know a couple of arias and I’m not really sure what they are about.

    By the way, I really liked your Alcina posts in October. They reminded me of my au pair time in Vienna around millennium. So many things I had totally forgotten about, like using a scarf to mark your standing room place…

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    1. October, hey, you’ve been around for a while!

      That was one very great, very Baroque month. And a very happy thadieu and Anik.

      Alcina is arguably the gayest (and by gay, mean queer-female) opera out there, depending on the casting. Sorceress enchants mezzo knight, wild love affair ensues, the contralto ex-girlfriend comes visting in trousers, sorceress’ sister falls in love with her. At some point, we will program THE Stuttgart production (so that dehggi and I can get unhinged over Naglestad), which, if you haven’t seen clips from it yet, may require some smelling salts.

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        1. I have actually seen the Stuttgart Alcina dvd, but it was about 10 years ago, and I wasn’t really into Baroque back then, so I don’t remember much of it. And I thought the production was too “Regie”. But I do remember being impressed by Alice Coote… and Naglestad’s outfits. 😉


            1. …though I would say Naglestad and Coote in that one are already the pinnacle of something.

              (but on a more serious note. yes, Regie takes a while, and lots of discussing and thinking – I didn’t enjoy it at all at first, and now I can’t got back 😉 )


    2. gasp! “not very familiar” ! we must rectify this! 😉

      (ps- when i first found Anik’s site back in 2009, i had no clue either. At that time there was also Purity running in parallel. She was the first to mention the White-shirt bus carrying us across continents chasing “Alcina” (Minkowski)… and then 1 day she made the announcement who would be Alcina to VK’s Ruggiero, with a similar photo to this one (the other in black and white, i can’t seem to find). So, me, without knowing anything about Händel or Alcina bought ticket to London for the concert version! *Then*, Purity posted her impression of VK’s baroque recital in Munich, and I ditched my London ticket and booked flight directly to Vienna! and then there’s the rest..)


      1. I love everything about this! 🙂

        hm, I need the bus picture, too, for the WS intro post. To be followed soon by the balloon…
        still writing on the Juditha review, the WS page is next.

        And oh, yes, that 2008 photo – which was an advertisement postcard, which I picked up while I was no doubt on a Rosenkavalier visit for some Octavian or other.

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